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P201 - Store Portofoon (two way radio) SP446 KIT

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Height: 8.5 cm
Width: 4.6 cm
Depth: 1.9 cm



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1 piece

- Simple Button Operation provides access to channel, monitor, scan, and call tone.
- Supports English, Dutch
- Customer Programming Software (CPS) Connect SP to a PC  with a data cable to customise your settings.
- Radio Configuration Configure radio channels, frequencies and codes from a pre-programmed list without the use of computer
- Sleek Design Unique palm-sized radio that is 45% smaller and 52% lighter than similar products.
- Audio Clear, strong audio performance for confident communications in noisy environments.
- Small External Antenna delivers wide coverage in a compact design.
- Durability Designed and built to withstand everyday use
- Battery Li-Ion batteries provide 9-14 hours* of talk and listen for service over long shifts.
- Power 0,5W output (without license) or 3W output (with license)  
- Max distance 3 km
- Frequency Band Operates on 16 channels
- Size: 85x46x19mm
- Weight: 98gram incl. battery

1 - SP446
1 - Earpiece
1 - Battery
1 - Power adaptor
1 - Beltclip