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A123 - LOCK-IT Standalone Lock System Touch Keypad & Card Reader

€ 249,00 Weight: 0.5 kg
Height: 15.2 cm
Width: 4.3 cm
Depth: 2.2 cm



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1 piece

1 Lock System
Aluminium Alloy Case
Touch Keypad
Behind keypad Backlight
Backlight is set On, OFF or Auto
Waterproof IP65
2.000 keycodes
Each user can have 1 card and 1 Pincode
Programmable by using master code, master add card, master delete card
Touch Keys 0-9
Card Reader distance 3-6cm
Wiegand 26 125Khz
Card receiver EM
Doorbell Button
Alarm 95Db
Operating Voltage Range DC12-24V
Idle Current: <35mA
Weight: 500 gram