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A408 - Standalone Furniture Proximity Lock KIT Solo

€ 119,00 Weight: 0.15 kg
Height: 7.4 cm
Width: 7.4 cm
Depth: 2.9 cm



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Furniture Lock Mono

The new generation of ‘MONO' electronic furniture locks proves that
furniture locks can be both invisible and simple to operate, too!

The lock is attached to the inside or rear of a cupboard, for example,
and the RFID chip opens the lock through up to 30mm of wood or glass.
With up to 10,000 cycles per 4 - AAA batteries, the furniture lock can be opened
more than ten times a day for over 5 years.

Based on the internal chip system, you can programme the lock very
easily without a pc or software, just by using a programming button and keycards.

Running out of Battery Power:

The 4 x 1.5Volt AAA batteries has life-span of 5 years and enough power to open
the lock more than 10,000 times.

The system will check by each opening whether there is enough power to 
open once again. If the power is less 85% the system will give every 30 sec. a signal, after two weeks, it will give every 3 sec. a signal. If it is NOT like that, by opening the door the next time the user will hear for 15 seconds a loud "BEEP" and the lock will not lock anymore. So the 
user is forced to change the batteries!

- Reliable function through up to 30 mm of non-conductive material
- Minimum of 10,000 latch openings per set of 4 - AAA batteries
- 50 different keys can be programmed per lock
- Simple to install at all times

Type: LT 100 solo
Material: Lockplate stainlesssteel
              Housing ABS
Size lock: 74x74x29mm
Size Mount: 70x20x17mm (excl lock pin)
Technology: RFID 125 Khz
Sensitivity: 30 mm
Material Cabinet: Woot or Glass
Power: 4 x AAA penlite Batteries
Livetime batteries: > 5 year
Statical energy: <5µA
Dynamic energy: 200mA
Low battery alarm: < 2.4V
Alarmsignal: 65Db Beep
Opening times: >10.000
Operational temp: -30°C ~ + 50°C
Lock Kit:
1 x Lockplate two sides and housing
1 x Lockpin mountingplate
1 x Corner mountingplate
2 x RFID Proximity keycards (user)
6 x mounting screws
No Penlites included!