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A616 - Remote Control Door Lock. 4 position switch

€ 199,00 Weight: 1 kg
Height: 3.5 cm
Width: 5 cm
Depth: 12.3 cm



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Remote transmitter with 4 keys to carry out the 4 functions of the autodoor, 
including: unidirectional/full open/full lock/automatic function.

This product is with the function of coding self-learn.Make sure the code of remote 
transmitter has been learned into the receiver before using (16 kinds of codes can be learned) 

Operation way: Press the learned button,indicator turns green. Press any key 
of the remote transmitter.The transimitter has been learned by the receiver 
successfully with two flashes of green light appears.

Delete method: Press the learn button for 5S,green light flashing,all the codes 
has been deleted successfully( Can not delete one by one)

Two Remote control units
Remote control with 4 keys 
Maintain open time: 2-9sec
Relay capacity: DC24V/10A
Size Relay: 123x50x32mm